1118-2018 Celebrating 900 Years!

Sovereign Military Order Temple of Jerusalem

The 900th Anniversary Templar Meditations, an Introduction:

As we move more deeply into the year leading up to the grand celebration of the 900th anniversary of the organization and founding of the Knights Templar, members of the GPUSA Chaplains Corps, and other clergy of the Order, will be sharing meditations inspired by the nine Templar virtues. This effort is rooted in the historic reality that knights of the time, and in particular the founding knights of the Order, sought to integrate a chivalric life that reflected the highest of Christian virtues with the clashing need to protect nationalist interests. As Templar history is told, the warring side of a knight’s life has overshadowed the spiritual grounding of his life as monk, relegating the virtues he sought to uphold through his vows to the Order to a footnote. Through these meditations we aspire to breathe new life into the significance of these virtues: chivalry, courage, charity, justice, honor, fidelity, faith, sacrifice, and discipline. It is our hope that as they inspired the forbearers of our Order, we may find guidance from them today. What a great opportunity to work together for our children, increasing the Jerusalem Mite funding, specifically to honor 900 years of OSMTH service, benefitting humankind!

The Virtue of Chivalry

At its heart, chivalry finds its bearing in the love of God that we learn through the ongoing revelation of Jesus Christ. It is the manifestation of selflessness, whether directed toward the well-being of another in a given moment, or extended through repeated acts of service. Like traditional Christian sacraments, chivalry is the outward expression of an inner, spiritual reality.

The very notion of knighthood has its roots in chivalry, dedicated to the embodiment of Christian virtues, especially those of courage, honor, justice, and a zeal for advocating for and offering protection to those who were vulnerable. These virtues reflect the very essence of how Jesus modeled a life grounded in devotion and faithfulness to God. In every way, our modern Order compels us to remember that the mind of Christ is service, and the way of discipleship is love.

Daily, the Christian heart is challenged to empty our hearts of our own concerns in order to make space for and be filled with compassion for the suffering of others. We are encouraged to be unflagging in our zeal for justice for those who are oppressed, and to offer hospitality to those who seek shelter from their respective storms. This is the chivalric “norm,” the genetic code of faith to which we declare our allegiance as Templars.

Ultimately, we are invited to take risks for love in ways that reveal our commitment to Christ. In so doing we demonstrate that it is in his name that we serve the poor, the hungry, the persecuted, the marginalized, and the voiceless, sacrificing for his sake the earthly temptations that become stumbling blocks to the realization of God’s kingdom. We offer ourselves not for ourselves, but to the glory of God, who reigns.

Nine Templars Collection

Nine Templars Collection
A set of nine challenge coins and a holder.